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Three Women

About Community Connections

The thing I love the most about living in a small community is the connections and the bonds that can be and are made with the beautiful humans that live and run businesses within it. Building relationships and finding inspiration within those relationships makes my heart sing and my soul dance.


I have had the greatest opportunities and experienced some beautiful friendships and bonds with some of the sweetest, driven and authentic people that live and work in the Wollondilly Shire, those relationships continue to grow and flourish as time passes.


I would love to take the time to share some of these beautiful connections that I have found, built upon and continue to nurture and hold the deepest gratitude for.


So, come along with me and let’s appreciate, acknowledge and celebrate the local community while reflecting on what we all as individuals hold dearest to our heart, soul and the absolute core of what and who we are.


The Blue Butterfly Institute

The Blue Butterfly Institute is a not for profit organisation run solely by volunteers providing essential, empathetic and a wide variety of care and supports for survivors of sexual assault and trauma in the Wollondilly and expanding to the Macarthur areas.

I myself, as a survivor found The Blue Butterfly Institute through Facebook when I was experiencing a time of disconnect, disassociation and somewhat intensive trauma responses in my everyday life.

My first connection was with the founder, Tina Meyer, who held space for me in a way that I had not experienced before. I was connected to a local support group and to this day I still attend monthly support groups and have built beautiful, deep and trusting relationships and bonds with the women that welcomed me in to their lives and their monthly safe space.

These experiences, relationships and the strong bonds that have been created have allowed me to move forward and connect and build with other women in every day life in a meaningful and authentic way, whether through my small business and teaching or the spontaneous moments that provide opportunity to be in authentic connection and friendship with other women in the community.

Being a not for profit organisation, The Blue Butterfly Institute relies heavily on the support of the community and donations to keep the doors open. No one gets paid and all donations go back into the institute. To see the institute close due to lack of funding would be devastating to so many survivors and survivors that could miss out on the support of this important institution that provides such high quality, free services and supports.

If you are a survivor, know a survivor or suspect that someone is struggling, I can promise you that the care received from this incredible organisation is only the beginning of the rest of your journey to finding yourself again. 

For more information on The Blue Butterfly Institute, what they do, services and supports they offer and how you can get in contact with them please do click the link below and you will be directed to their website. The Blue Butterfly Institute is also on Facebook and a link has been provided also.

If you are reading this and you are a survivor of sexual assault and live with trauma, know that I see you, I hear you and I stand with you.

You are not alone.

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